What we do

SPIN focuses its resources and efforts on effecting and sustaining changes in provision of pain services so that patients are better served by their usual doctors. We do this in a number of different ways: through educational talks, producing literature and books; by visiting centres and sharing experiences with local teams; and by supporting targeted educational visits to the UK to help clinical staff see how developed systems put theory into practice.

One of the two projects presented on subsequent webpages is towards the end of its cycle (
Ukraine) whilst another is in mid-flow (East Africa). We are also exploring links in the West Bank (Hebron) and Gaza through an association with the Al-Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine.

To this end, we have supported a doctor visiting the UK from Gaza who spent time seeing how acute and chronic pain services work in a teaching hospital environment. He has also presented an audit on pain services at his hospital at the British Pain Society with the support of SPIN members in the UK. Our president, Dr Brandner, has met the Minister of Health for Palestine and we are collaborating in a meeting of surgeons, pain doctors and other clinicians.

Our resources are limited and with regret, we are not in a position to consider grant applications.