Members (click for declaration of interests)
Ms Rachel Anderson (4)
Dr Andrew Baranowski
Dr David Bennett (2)
Dr Brigitta Brandner (1), chair
Dr Lesley Bromley (1), secretary
Dr Sam Chong (2)
Dr James de Courcy
Dr Natasha Curran (1)
Mr Diarmuid Denneny (5)
Dr Simon Dolin
Ms Sarah Ferguson (5)
Dr Jon Francis
Dr Joan Hester
Dr Sian Jaggar (1)
Dr John Lee, webmaster/treasurer
Dr Anna Mandeville (6)
Dr Mary Newton (1)
Dr Andrew Nicolaou
Dr Mike Osborn (6)
Dr Cathy Price
Dr Kate Ridout (5)
Ms Martine Seth-Ward (4)
Dr Mike Shipley (3)
Dr Andrew Souter
Dr Atef al-Tawafsheh (4)
Ms Trudy Towell (4)
Dr Anna Weiss (1)

International link members
Dr Thikra Sharif (1, right in photograph)
Dr Mahmud Quereshi (7)

Consultants in Pain Medicine, except
1 Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia
2 Consultant Neurologist
3 Consultant Rheumatologist
4 Pain Management Nurse        
5 Pain Management Physiotherapist         
6 Consultant Clinical Psychologist
7 Consultant Neurosurgeon

SPIN India